Why MI Media?

1.  We’re responsive.

We listen to you—the client. If we’re going to be trusted to deliver an important message about your company or organization, or your product or service, we want to completely understand your mission, as well as your goals in making a video. We take great pride in providing the guidance you need.

2.  We’re experienced.

In addition to working as an independent producer on projects ranging from large organizational profiles to short public service announcements, Mark Ireland has profiled over 100 Maine companies for Maine Public Broadcasting’s Made in Maine.  Independent projects have encompassed Maine history, the environment, youth programs and the arts.

3. We’re creative.

An effective video does more than present raw data like facts and figures: it motivates and inspires. It whets the viewer’s interest in learning more about what you offer. Our creative strength lies in digging in and finding the essence of your organization, then distilling an emotionally enduring message.

4.  We’re budget conscious.

Our budgets reflect the amount of time and the resources that your project demands. If you need to keep costs down, we can show you ways to make that happen. To learn more about how a project is budgeted, see our blog entry: Budgeting your production

5. We’re enthusiastic.

We love learning about the amazing companies and products, organizations and services, events and opportunities that are right here in our own back yard. We’d love to help you get your message out there!