Summer Projects Update

It has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog as the summer has been very full, both from a personal and business perspective. So I’ll try to summarize some of my summer business highlights here. Early in the summer I was again asked to join in an emmy judging group. We judged “best director” from an assortment of projects broadcast in the Ohio River Valley. I must say I was really impressed by the caliber of work coming out of this part of the country. While some of the subject matter was not what you’d ever see here in the Northeast (squirrel hunting using mules!), the overall quality was much better than the projects we judged last year from the Pacific Northwest.

A real highlight of the summer was the screening of my project: “Merrymeeting Bay: The Rising Tide of Stewardship”. It was shown at the Frontier Cafe and Cinema in Brunswick on June 19th to an overflow crowd. Those who were turned away or couldn’t make it will be able to catch it soon at the Topsham Public Library (time/date to be determined). It was wonderful that all the primary adult “characters” in the piece were able to attend the screening and availed themselves for Q&A afterwards. I consider it a success that nobody asked a question of me (regarding the filming) but rather all questions were directed at bay preservation efforts. The piece, produced for the Cathance River Education Alliance was geared toward educating and enlightening people about bay preservation and I sincerely hope the words and images and stories in the piece serve to bring awareness and a desire to get involved.

Recently I edited a series of blog videos hosted by Dr. Christiane Northrup. Dr. Northrup is very well-known and highly respected spokesperson for a holistic approach to medicine. She has hosted numerous PBS specials on health and has an office in Yarmouth Maine.

I’ve been asked once again to shoot for a documentary exploring the vibrant garage band music scene in Lewiston. Following the success last year of Museum L-A’s “Echoes in Time”, this summer, a “PALhop Reunion” will be held at Lewiston’s Colisee auditorium on August 14th. I’ll be filming behind the scenes HD footage of this extravaganza as part of a documentary by producer Bill Maroldo.

Recently I was asked by the Maine Film and Video Association (I am a board member) to plan our next MFVA meeting. The topic I’ve picked will be: Getting the Best Video Image. We’ll explore the latest in high definition imagery; look at the latest in lighting and techniques for documentary and studio lighting set-ups; and camera mounting and motion techniques. The workshop will be held at Maine Studios, most likely in December. I’ll post again once a date has been set for the event.

Have a great rest of summer!